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Everything is at hand: V-Handwork Circle

21 Oct 2023 11:05 AM | Susette Shiver (Administrator)

The Virtual (V)-Handwork Circle Zoom attendees meet every 2nd, 4rth, and 5th Thursdays from 1-3 pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend, just sign up so that you get the link!  Susette Shiver organizes this portion of the Handwork Circle, but an overlapping set of folks prefer the in person comradery at the Local Cloth studio and the ability to touch and see handworks in progress.  Ceil Jensen and Rebecca Norris are the mainstays at the in person meetings. 

The zoom loyalists have a different set of advantages compared with the in person handwork circle. One major delight is the impromptu ability to run and get something in the house or studio to show and discuss.

Katya is producing these small detailed shapes for a larger project she is working on.

Tina embroidered a photo printed on cloth and is working on another. This one is sentimental--a photo of Tina and her brother she recently finished.

Ceil was showing us aspects of a priest's stole she is making for her book project.  The design rests on historical themes including sculls which you can see just above her head hanging from the door.  She is working from her small studio where she has collections of pottery and handmade items related to her book in progress.  This book will have an extensive collection of handmade items illustrating the lives of her ancestral Poles migrating to the Detroit area. 

In the handwork circle we like to talk about our ongoing creative and craft projects. Sharing them with our friends over zoom is satisfying even though the visual is less accurate than in person (see previous Handwork Blogs at this Local Cloth blog site).

I took a screen shot of Martha's project that is almost done. She later sent me a photo.

We share screens to see actual photos.  We commiserate.  We support each other.  We critique our works.  We save commute time and depending upon where we live that time can be considerable. It is crazy fun to meet up with a Zoom attendee for the first time in person! (we are a much less formal in our home settings compared with our "going out" clothes). 

I am looking forward to this afternoon’s meeting!


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