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Continuous Triangle Weaving

  • 22 Sep 2024
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 408 Depot Street, Asheville NC 28801
  • 5



What is continuous strand weaving? Weaving on a triangle loom is fun, creative, easy and quick. There is no elaborate planning and measuring process. Triangle looms are great for weaving plaid patterns and continuing onto more elegant lace patterns. The process is simple to learn and is enjoyable for adults and children of any age. Continuous strand weaving has no separate warp and weft but uses one continuous strand of yarn. This instruction is a basic class on continuous strand weaving and can be used as an entry to more advanced techniques such as twill, lace, double weaves, inlay, tartans, and other color sequences, and for the designer!

Level: Beginner

Instructor: Marilyn Haas-Haseman (Read Marilyn's bio)

Members: $100

Non members: $120

Materials fee:  $2.00 (to be collected day of class)

Materials Provided: Looms & instructional handouts

Materials students should bring: 

Yarn, at least 120 yards, variegated, rolled up into a ball for easier weaving. Do not get any mohair or fuzzy yarn as it is difficult to weave for your first project. Thin yarn will make it drapey but will have large holes which jewelry and other things can hook on strands and pull. Heavy yarns will be stiffer. Wool makes lovely weaving and is fairly elastic and very durable, and felts when gently washed filling in spaces). There are beautiful acrylic and other synthetic yarns available. Just scrunch up the yarn in your hand to see if you like the feel of the yarn. If you like to use a different color for fringe plan on another

• Crochet or weaving hooks- preferably 5.25 mm/6-inch size or larger and optional 35 cm/14-inch hook)

• Scissors

• Hair Pic

• Blunt darning needle

• Comfortable shoes as you will start off standing.

• Lunch, Drink, Snack

• Coffee pot can help keep your rolled up yarn in place and not falling off table.

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